It’s early in the morning,

The fog is allover the porch,

I’m sitting on my rocking chair,

And there you come,

There you come dressed like the night

The night before the dawn comes,

And you begin to pour rains on my heart,

To let me overcome the rain in my parades,

It’s early in the morning,

The sun is yet to rise,

Then you come silently 

Like the solemn truth of winds,

Like the wholesome life of soil,

Like the playful kiss of wind,

You brush my sight away

With the beautiful sight of you,

Even though I had no eyes,

I could feel you inside of my truths…

– Shiv 

The Ode…

Repulsing grips of the music onto the winds,

Confusing verses of this solemn warmth,

Altogether speaking with silence,

Running through the clouds of this satiety,

Dancing their ways through the midnight melancholy,

Crashing through the tornados of silence,

Whipping off the chaos of their threatened solitude,

Rushing through the mysteries of their vanity 

They write a letter to this speechless heart of mine,

And we conceive an ode to the melancholy,

Wordless puzzles of these pieces of silence,

Shut me up as my mind howls,

The wolf in my mind cries of this saviour,

As the night leaves me with the souvenir of desires…

Endless silence remains screaming to me,

As I cry this ode to the eternity!

– Shiv

The Ones…

The ones who shade beginnings

Don’t enlighten the ends,

The ones who sing tragedies

Don’t end up living fairy-tales,

Ones who praise the misery 

Can’t love the pleasure,

The ones who raise the woe,

Learn to love the despair,

The ones who spend their nights

Staring and admiring the crescent moon,

Find their skyline amusing and aloof,

The ones who are the definition to melancholy,

Are the ones who comfort their wounds with musk,

The ones who don’t fear the silence,

Can only face the truth beneath their sounds.

– Shiv

The best thing that ever happened to me

I often find myself dreaming,

You standing next to me,

Wherever I go I find you breathing into me,

Just for the sake of the thoughts,

It occurred to me is our time wrong?

What about the way we make eachother feel,

Should I make you feel the way I feel?

Should I stay or walk away 

Is the only question that tears me apart,

Before I fall apart,

I want to be shattered in your arms…

Some may say this is just another misery,

But I know if you are the sin,

I’ll give up everything to do the sin,

I don’t know if we were meant to be,

All I know is that we are, but we lost the sense of meaning

For everything we’ve had so long,

To me, you are the best thing that ever happened to me!

– Shiv